Student Research Tools

Use the links below to find information you need to work on classroom projects or for fun.

You can also use these sites at home. Come to the library for a special pamphlet listing any required passwords and logins, or email Ms. Rondeau and she'll send them to you!

Remember to stay safe while you are searching!  Click this link for a web evaluation "tree" to help you decide if the information and sites you want to visit are safe for you!  website tree evaluation.pdf​

Turn off the computer and tell a grownup if you find something inappropriate.

Awesome Resource site:  Brain Pop​

Copyright for Students

Avoid Plagiarism

Information surrounds us, and the various Web 2.0 resources that are so easy to access and share make it more difficult to determine who actually "owns" the information. Students get very confusing messages about the moral principles of downloading music, pictures and other content without paying for it. No wonder it can be difficult for all of us to understand the concepts of "academic dishonesty and plagiarism". These sites offer both students and teachers advice and information about what plagiarism is and how it can be avoided. There are separate sections for those who are struggling with writing policy, those who are teaching about plagiarism, and those who need a reference as they write.

Online Dictionaries:  

Websters     Kid's Wordsmyth​

Online Encyclopedias and Databases

Use to find information on almost any topic

Pebble Go​

Fact Cite​

Encyclopedia Britannica

Kids Infobits​

Encyclopedia Virginia

JMRL databases​

Find It VA- student databases

Search the web using safe search  Ducksters Research Site​

Almanacs +

A great tool for finding quick, short paragraphs and statistics on sports, music, weather, the United States and other countries, and almost anything you'd like to learn about!

FactMonster (InfoPlease Almanac)

World Almanac for Kids Online

KidSpace Almanacs

Visual Thesaurus

Atlases and Geography

Lots of facts about all the countries of the world and MAPS, MAPS and more MAPS!

All About World Geography

Simple World Quiz


National Geographic People and Places

National Geographic Kids

Biomes and Ecosystems of the World

FactMonster Atlas

The U.N. CyberSchoolBus (Amazing!! View statistics and compare country data)

Peace Corps for Kids

Country Reports. org

Search Engines

Use a search engine to find more websites on your topic.

Kid's Click


Ask for Kids


Surfing the Net With Kids

Little Clickers

Duck Duck Go​

Google for Kids​

Kiddle safe google search​

Safe Search​

Research Tips and Help

Help with searching, taking notes and listing all the sites you've used in a BIBLIOGRAPHY.

Citation Maker Use Citation maker to list all the sources you used for your project.

Copyright Information​

Photos, Clipart and Sounds!

Listed below are some places to find free clip art, copyright-free photos, sounds and music.


Classroom Clipart

Discovery Education Clip Art


Public Domain and Creative Commons​

Free Photos


Free Stock Photos

New York Public Library Museum

Posters and Advertisements​


Looking for Edmodo log in for your class assignments? Find the link here!

Website Evaluation Web evaluation.docx

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