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Use the links below to do research on your science projects.

Don't forget to write down any facts you find.  Put the facts into your own words!

*** Please remember to also write down the name of the website where you found the information.

Don’t forget to visit the Student Research Tools page for online encyclopedias.​

Awesome resource: (need password from LMS) Brain pop​

Science for Kids


Science Mysteries

Ask a Scientist


National Geographic

Animal Communities

Zoo Books​

Enchanted Learning-Animals

Great Animal Sites

ARKive Animal Facts

Zoo and Aquarium Sites

Dinosaur Sites​


Plant Activity Pages

The Great Plant Escape!




Build an Electromagnet!

Electricity and Magnetism​

Electricity for Kids

Really like learning about atoms??? Check out these sites:​

Academic Kids- Atoms​

Academic Kids- Chemical Elements​

Atom videos​

Atoms by Kidipede


Periodic Table of Elements​

Geology and Earth Mysteries

Geothermal Energy Slideshow

Earthquakes for Kids​

Ecosystems- Click HERE to link to an awesome page full of resources

Simple Machines​​​

Simple Machine Game​

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