ABC Order Games

Fun Alphabetizing Games!

Putting words in ABC order isn't always very exciting, but it's a skill that everyone needs, especially in a library. These games are a fun way to practice alphabetizing.


ABC Order: put letters in order. Very basic, but fun! Great for K/1.

Alphabetizing the first letter of a word. There are 3 levels, so work your way up to the hardest level.

Alphabetical Order: Drag the words in the correct order and click done to see how you did.

Primary Games: Put the animals in correct order based on their name.

SpellingCity: Put the spelling words in order by dragging them.


Alphabetizing through the 3rd letter in a word. Fiction books in the library are in order by the first 3 letters of the author's last name, so if you get good at this game, you'll have a much easier time finding books in the library.

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