Construction Updates

8/11 Update:

The work continues and everyone is working hard to finish up and get ready for the new school year!

Stage 8-11
Stage 2 8-11







Hallway 8-11-21
School Front Exterior 8-11







Finishes such as paint, flooring, bulletin boards, doors, etc. are happening in several places. The plans are starting to come to life and we can begin to see what the newly renovated spaces will look like when students return. It is going to be bright and beautiful!

All of the brown tile is gone and has been replaced with vinyl tile. At least one coat of paint has been applied in the main hallway. Over the next several days, they will finish up painting, adding trim, cleaning up, and waxing the floors.

Main Hallway 8-11
Main Hallway 2 8-11









Main Hallway 3 8-11
Classroom 8-11










Classroom 2 8-11








The gym, stage and EDEP offices are also near completion. They to will get cleaned and the floors waxed beginning next week.

Gym 8-11
Gym 2 8-11











The site work on the exterior of the addition is moving along. The contractors continue with grading, paving, and will finish up with landscaping.

Gym Exterior Rear 8-11









Progress is also steady on the new library. The walls have been painted, some of the sound baffles hung and lighting complete. The carpet tiles should be installed next week. Much cabinetry and trim work still needs to be completed.

New library 8-11
New Library 2 8-11








6/7 Update:

The gym is almost finished!

Gym Interior 1 6-7
Gym Interior 2 6-7






The stage, hallway, and bathrooms are coming together, too!

Stage and Hallway 1 6-7
Stage and Hallway 3 6-7





Stage and Hallway  6-7





They are raising the floor for the upper level of the new library.

New library 6-7



5/2 Update: The bathrooms by K-1 should be ready to open this week!

K-1 Bathroom interior
K-1 Bathroom interior









Windows and exterior wall panels are being installed. You can begin to see how light and bright the new library will be (1st photo). The gym addition is expected to be completed in June, except for punch list items. Cross your fingers and toes that it substantially complete in time for our 5th grade Stepping Up ceremony on June 15th. If it is, it will make a stunning backdrop to the event.

New Library Exterior
New Library Interior







4/26 Update: 

  • The new bathrooms at the end of the hallway are nearly ready. The need to finish installing fixtures, lighting and ceiling tiles. By the 1st of May, the plan is to move the temporary partition and open up the bathrooms for use.
  • The contractor is planning for the New Gym to be “Dried-In” meaning roof, windows and doors will be installed by end of next week.  Mechanical system to start up first week of May.  They are continuing work on the metal panels and will be wrapping that up shortly.
  • They will have all windows installed at the New Media Center as well and continue working on the interior renovations of the space.

4/13 Update: Workers continue to lay the brick on the exterior and prep the surface for the metal tiles.  The interior of the addition - stage, gym space, offices and storage area are beginning to take shape.

Red Hill exterior under construction
Exterior picture of Red Hill's new gym under construction
Red Hill gym exterior under construction
Red Hill gym interior under construction


Red Hill gym interior under construction